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Tallahassee Single Day Surgery Center, Ltd. (TSDS) is a free-standing ambulatory surgical center performing surgery in the following specialties:

General Surgery, Dentistry/Oral Surgery, Gynecology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery, Podiatry and Urology.

In 1978, TSDS was built by private investors and in 1981, purchased by American Medical International, a healthcare management company. TSDS was purchased in September of 1987 by a group of local surgeons.

The surgery center currently averages 325 cases per month. Tallahassee Single Day Surgery Center has established a standard in the community for high quality, low cost, accessible outpatient surgical care.

There are two hospitals, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH), a non-profit organization established in Tallahassee over 50 years ago and Tallahassee Community Hospital, a Columbia/HCA facility established in 1978. Additionally there are six licensed Ambulatory Surgery Centers in Tallahassee. The medical community is conscientious about continuously improving the quality of health care and play a significant role in their own performance improvement in patient care.

Tallahassee, (taken from a Creek Indian term of "old town"), located in North Florida with a population of 161,000, is the capital of Florida and seat of Leon County with a relatively stable economy due to the large number of government jobs. Retail trade markets to four south Georgia counties and nine Florida counties with a combined population in excess of 400,000. It is an education center and a marketing and shipping hub for a fertile farm area in which tobacco, cotton and cattle are produced. Manufacturers of the greater city include lumber and wood products processed foot, building supplies, printed materials and gun powder. Florida State University and Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University are both located in Tallahassee and have an average enrollment of 75,000 students. The State of Florida is the major employer with approximately 42,000 employees.

"We are a Fully Accredited Medical Center serving Leon County and the surrounding referral areas."

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